You are currently viewing Ardab Mutiyaran full movie download Online in HD Quality

Ardab Mutiyaran full movie download Online in HD Quality

Ardab Mutiyaran full movie download Online in HD Quality

Ardab Mutiyaran is a 2019 Punjabi language romantic comedy-drama film directed by Manav Shah. Besides Ardab Mutiyaran full movie download Online links are available here. However, Film producerss Ranbir Singh Sidhu and manmord sidhu minhas have done under the banner white hill studio. The story of the film starring Sonam Bajwa, Mahreen Pirzada, ninja, and Ajay Sarkiya is revolving around babbu bains (played by Bajwa ), who fight, in her style, confronts the evils of society. she represents all those women, who fight for her identity.

Ardab Mutiyaran was released on 18 October 2019.

Ardab Mutiyaran full movie story

the finance recovery agent, Babbo bains does not let anyone know what they have to do. She is independent and knows how to do her job, but then she gets married. Now a part of a new family can babbu take a stand for hirself.


In 2019, Sonam Bajwa played a variety of roles and each of her roles was able to provide her with much love and appreciation. However, there is a character, in particular, that is very close to it. We are talking about the young independent desi character of babbu bains in Ardab mutiyaran. The actress of babbu bains had an amazing experience playing this role, And the audience also liked it very much. Thus, when the movie turned one year old, Sonam Bajwa could not help but take a thank you note.

She shared a picture of herself like babbu bains wrote “thank you for reminding me that it is been exactly one year since the release of ardab mutiyaran. My mind was blown by your love and acceptance for the movie and babbu bains. Hamesha layi tuhadi shukar guzar rawangi bahut bahut pyar.

Top 3 reasons to watch “Ardab Mutiyaran full movie” this Weekend.

The movie “ardab mutiyaran”, which was directed by Manav Shah, has made a place in cinemas today. Sonam Bajwa, ninja Sarkiya, and Maureen Pirzada have played the lead role in the film. And this is a story that not only makes a woman stand up for their rights. But what and if you have not decided yet whether or not you should go to the movie. Read below the top 4 reasons to watch “ardab mutiyaran “ this weekend, and make your call.

Recently did the film ‘guardian patol in which she was seen as a strong, independent woman. But the same attitude is also high in “ardab mutiyaran” her character is really quirky and her side has not yet been seen on the silver screen. As bin Banz, she writes an essay on the role of a strong-willed woman, who does not let her gender or her educational background get in her way. And the same attitude should be with every girl.

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Ninja and sonam bajwa are one of usps in ‘ardab mutiyaran’. However They say girl and boy can never be ‘ just friends ‘. But “ardab mutiyaran “makers think otherwise. They have presented ninja as the best friend of the boy that every girl needs in her life. And Sonam is the best friend that every boy needs in his life. Their bond is so sweet and realistic that thousands of years can be associated with it at any time.

In addition to being women-oriented, the film’s plot is also youth-oriented. It talks about inter-caste marriages and relationships. The problems that a girl faces after her marriage. The so-called norms of society that judge a person from her educational and financial background. In short, that the film is about all the issues of the modern era that are disturbing,But they are blinded. So, this is not simple room work or family drama but a real new age movie.

“ardab mutiyaran “ will include two new screen pairs – sonam bajwa and ajay sarkiya , and ninja and mahreen pirzada . Talking about the first ex-couple, Sonam Bajwa is now a household name. And on the other hand, Ajay steps into Polywood. Now the ease of an experienced actor will create something amazing on the screen with a spark. As ninja and Maureen Pirzada arrive, both artists do not age for too many films. But their presence on the screen is known to give viewers a bent.

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