50 commercial entities being run by armed forces
50 commercial entities being run by armed forces

50 commercial entities being run by armed forces

Ayesha Siddiqa, the author of “Military Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy” writes that there are Pakistani Military runs thousands of businesses under the “welfare foundation” which worth tens of billions of dollars, covering from petrol pumps to sprawling industrial plants.

Ayesha Siddiqa told AL Jazeera that “these lawmakers are negotiating with the military and despite populist politics, and calls for civilian rule, they are still tending to support the military”.

Syed Arif Hassan, the managing director of the “fauji Foundation” denied Siddiqa’s claim that political control is a factor in response to a question if there was a conflict of interest in the army’s penetration into society. Hasan believes there is nothing wrong with the army’s commercial interests as it generates welfare schemes for retired soldiers.

In July 2016, Senate was provided a detail of commercial entities run by armed forces in different wings in the country. Later, the Defense Minister Khawaja Asif explained that there are nearly 50 projects and housing colonies functioning under the Fauji Foundation, which include Shaheen Foundation, Bahira Foundation, Defense Housing Authorities (DHAs) and Army Welfare Trust (AWT).  (DAWN)

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Total Defense Housing Authorities (DHAs).

Conferring to the details provided in the response, there are a total eight DHAs in major cities which include Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Quetta, and Peshawar.

Projects/units running under Army Welfare Trust (AWT)

  1. Army Welfare Sugar Mills, located in Badin
  2. Askari General Insurance Co Ltd
  3. Askari Project (woolen and shoe) in Lahore
  4. Real estate comprising three small housing schemes in Sangjani, Badaber, and Lahore
  5. Askari Apparel in Lahore
  6. Askari Aviation Services in Rawalpindi
  7. Mal Pakistan Ltd in Karachi
  8. Askari Guards (Pvt) Ltd, Head office in Rawalpindi
  9. Two stud farms in Pakpattan and okara
  10. Askari Fuel with head office in Rawalpindi
  11. Fauji Security Services head office in Rawalpindi
  12. Askari Lagoon in Faisalabad
  13. Askari Enterprises in Rawalpindi
  14. Army welfare Mess and Blue LagoonAskari seeds in Okara

Projects/units administrated by Shaheen Foundation

  1. Shaheen Aerotraders
  2. Shaheen Knitwear
  3. SAPS Aviation College
  4. Shaheen Airport Services
  5. Karachi, Shaheen Complex,
  6. Shaheen Medical Services
  7. Hawk Advertising
  8. Shaheen Complex, Lahore
  9. Shaheen Welfare Housing Scheme, Peshawar.
  10. Air Eagle Aviation Academy
  11. Shaheen Complex in Karachi
Projects/units under Fauji Foundation
  1. Askari Bank Ltd
  2. Fauji Akbar Partia Marine Terminal Ltd, HO in Karachi.
  3. Fauji Meat Ltd
  4. Askari Cement Ltd
  5. Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd
  6. Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd
  7. Early afternoon Pakistan Ltd Lahore
  8. Fauji cereals
  9. Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd
  10. Establishment Gas
  11. Fauji Cement Co Ltd
  12. Fauji Oil Terminal and Distillery Co Ltd
  13. Establishment Power Co (Dharki) Ltd
  14. Early afternoon Pakistan Ltd Lahore

Originally reported by Dawn

Military views

The security services claim that they can run such an organization far better than incompetent and corrupt civilians in their view.

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