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Breaking bad season 2

Breaking bad season 2 episode 8 download in HD

Breaking bad season 2 episode 8 download in HD

The second season of the television drama serial Breaking bad broadcasted on 8, March 2009 and ended on 31 May 2009. The drama serial Breaking bad season 2 consists of 13 episodes, each episode is approximately 47 minutes long. Breaking bad season 2 episode 8 download links are available here in Hd quality with English subtitles.

season 2 episode 8 link

season 2 episode 8

Breaking bad season 2 download All episodes subtitles

season 2 story

The second episode of the season begins when the new drug distributor Tuco kidnaps Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the DEA raids on Tuco’s Albuquerque business.

The drug distributor takes them to his uncle’s house who is known to be a former drug lord. Who suffered a stroke is now confined to a wheelchair. When Jesse and Walt came to know about their plan they got successful in escaping from the hands before they had sent to Mexico to cook more meth for Tuco.

Gretchen, an earlier friend of Walt’s, discovers the chemist has been dishonest to his family that she has been helping pay for his health bills, confronted by Walt that she and her husband Eliot cheated him out of a business venture. They started years prior, she keeps quiet about the money for the sake of protecting Walt’s family.



  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
  • Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
  • Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader
  • RJ Mitte as Walter White Jr.

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During the gunfight between Tuco and DEA team, Hank Schrader shot Tuco. On the other hand, Walt manages to arrive home. Did you enjoy Breaking bad season 2 episode 8 download links?


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