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Chandrayaan 2 Lander

Isro locates Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram on Moon

Isro locates chandrayaan 2 lander on the moon says ISRO chief

After losing contact with Vikram, the Chandrayaan-2 lander Indian Space Research Organization has succeeded to locate Vikram. The ISRO finds the lander but the state of the lander is yet to be discovered.  However. ISRO is trying to establish contact with Vikram. The Indian space Organization lost connection with the lander a few minutes prior to the landing of the lander on the south pole of the Moon on Saturday.

The lander, which was expected to land at about 1.53am on 7 September got deviated from the planned route before going out of contact.

The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter help ISRO to find the lander. The orbiter shoots a thermal image of the Vikram lander. The orbiter is safe and rotating around the Moon. A senior scientist who is part of the Mission told: “We have enough data available to do the analysis.”

The failure analysis committee is observing what may have exactly caused the lander’s disorientation. The scientist indicated that it is because of the optimal horizontal velocity that has triggered the lander to spin out of control.

 ISRO is further investigating to find all the factors that can determine what caused the communication loss with Vikram. The Chandrayaan-2 team is investigation key datasets like final emission and signals to find the reason behind the incidence.

A successful soft landing of the Vikram on the Moon surface near the south pole on its first attempt would have made the country only the fourth after the China, United States, and Russia. But the last part of the operation was not executed in the planned manner as Indian Space Organization lost communication with the lander just 2.1km prior to the landing of Vikram.

Mr Sivan said “we’ve found the location of the lander on the lunar surface and capture a thermal image of the lander Vikram, and we are trying to build communication with lander Vikram. It will be communicated soon.”

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