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Dark season 1 Episode 7 download English Dubbed

Dark season 1 Episode 7 download (English Dubbed) in HD free

Dark is a Germen twisty sci-fi drama. The story revolves around a small German family that lives in a small town. Dark has an interesting story to tell. If you are looking for Dark Season 1 Episode 7 download links for free in English dubbed format. then you are at the right place. We have uploaded all episodes of dark season 1 in English dubbed that you can easily download.

dark season 1 story

the story starts in the town of Winden, where an 11 year old boy named MIkkel Nielsen get disappeared. Mikkel was searching, alongside his sister and their friends, for a hiddendrug stash of another missing boy, Erik Obdendorf, when he disappeared.

The two disappearances were promptly associated to an blast in the plant which happened in 1986, and left a strange gap through time. The wormhole only line up every 33 years, and those who fall through it go back or ahead in time.

dark season 1 follows the people who were searching alongside MIkkel, his older brother (Mangnus), ,Mangnus girlfriend (Franziska Doppler) his older sister (Marrha), Martha’s boyfriend (Bartosz Tiedemann) and their classmates.

There are lots of interwoven stories featuring assassinate and deception, but the whole thing comes back to the wormhole and the 33 year rule. The last part of the dark season 1 see future jonas try to destroy it, but only ends up closing the channel. He finally ends up in a post in a post apocalyptic future.

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Dark season 1 download free English Dubbed in HD

Main characters

CharacterLife stageActor
Jonas KahnwaldChildJonas Gerzabek 
TeenLouis Hofmann 
AdultAndreas Pietschmann 
ElderDietrich Hollinderbäumer 
Hannah KahnwaldTeenElla Lee  
AdultMaja Schöne 
Ines KahnwaldTeenLena Urzendowsky  
AdultAnne Ratte-Polle  
ElderAngela Winkler 
Daniel KahnwaldAdultFlorian Panzner 
Martha NielsenChildLuna Arwen Krüger 
TeenLisa Vicari 
AdultNina Kronjäger 
ElderBarbara Nüsse  
Magnus NielsenTeenMoritz Jahn 
AdultWolfram Koch  
Mikkel NielsenChildDaan Lennard Liebrenz 
AdultSebastian Rudolph  
Ulrich NielsenTeenLudger Bökelmann 
AdultOliver Masucci 
ElderWinfried Glatzeder 

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