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Earn money online- 5 esay ways

how to earn money online in Pakistan

Now you can earn money online with almost zero investment. Yes, you heard it right, in this page we are going to share all the best ways with which you can make money online at home in part-time or full time.

Top five ways to earn money online


Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. bogging is all about writing what you love and adding value to the market. if you are passionate about something start writing about your passion and earn money.

Select a niche in which you are interested that will help you to stick to blogging and continue writing about your area of interest. your interested could be sports, news, food, traveling, anything which passionate you.

You can take inspiration from other blogs and don’t copy content from their sites. Stay away from plagiarism other ways you will not be able to monetize your blog with Google AdSense and start earning money online. you may have to wait for few months to monetize your site as the number of daily visitors to be increased.


Freelancing is just like working on a contract base, where you will get a task to be completed in return you earn money. For freelancing, you will need a skill it can be graphic designing, article writing, logo designing, etc. Best Freelancing sites are UPWORK.COM, FREELANCING.COM, ROZEE.PK and many others.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marking is a commission-based earning by promoting companies’ products on your blog or site, each visitor or customer brought by your referred link and buy product in return you will earn money. This is one of the best ways to earn money online, bloggers are making a handsome amount through affiliate marketing. Here are some affiliate marketing websites where you can register and make money.,,

Participating in an online survey:

It’s a straightforward job, you have to just fill out some survey forms and earn money online. These surveys are to find your opinion about some specific products or services. are the trusted sites from where you can get started.

Design a Mobile app:

Designing a mobile app is a high paid job you can earn a handsome amount of money if you are familiar with designing a mobile app.

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