You are currently viewing ExtraMovies quest: Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

ExtraMovies quest: Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

ExtraMovies quest: Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

ExtraMovies: If you want to download movies then you must learn more about ExtraMovies. What do think about the ExtraMovies website? Maybe you don’t know the secrets of the site. That’s why I wrote this article for you all guys.

Extramovies is a website where you can download movies. You can also get Bollywood movies, Hollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, Telugu movies, and Tamil movies. Stay with the article to find out how you can use ExtraMovies to watch your favorite movie on your phone.

When you download or upload content without permission from the appropriate owner, it is illegal. This includes movies that people pirate. Movie producers invest lots of money into making a movie and then people watch a pirated version instead.

When someone searches for “free movie downloads” or watches free movies online, he usually finds a list of websites that have them. They might be Movierulz or Extramovies Fun.

What is ExtraMovies?

Extramovies is a website you can use to watch movies. The website will show you the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. You can also download them from the site for free on your phone or computer.

Extramovies is a site where you can watch free movies. There are many different types of movies available. You can get hindi movies at the movie site Extramovies for free.

Usually, when you download movies from this website, you can choose the place where you want to watch them. It is good for people who do not like crowds and need their own space to watch a movie.

The Exclusives features of ExtraMovies

Extramovies has movies in many different categories. They have a tab for horror movies, one for comedy, and more.

  • Dual Audio Movies: It means that you can watch your movies in different languages. For example, you could watch it in Hindi and English. But not only those two languages, there are more!
  • This is a website where you can find movies. You can see both old and new movies, and you can download them for free.
  • Holywood Movies let you watch movies through your phone or computer. You can see your favorite movies.
  • Animated movies: Adults and kids can both watch free animated movies on their phones.
  • ExtraMovies is a website where you can find many different types of movies. You can watch action, comedy, and crime type movies. This is just one way to enjoy movies.
  • Documentaries are movies that are not like other movies. They can be about anything. If you watch movies, you may want something different sometimes. That is when documentaries come in handy! You can watch them on your phone with the ExtraMovies app if you have it!
  • Tollywood: You can watch and download Tollywood movies from this website because EXtramMovies includes several Tollywood Movies.
  • Web series are popular videos on this website. You can watch these videos without any hassle.

Download any types of movies:

  • Latest hindi bollywood movies.
  • South indian movies in hindi dubbed.
  • Hollywood hindi dubbed movies.
  • South indian movies.
  • Hindi dubbed movies.
  • New telegu movies.
  • All marathi movies
  • HD bengali movies
  • Tamil movies.

Some people have movies that they do not pay for. They do not pay the movie producers. They just upload them for free. That is why you can find movies, serials, and online content for free on these websites.

Some more features of Extramovies website

Alongside all these things, Extramovies has a search bar. It show whatever you want to watch. You can also get some other features from it such as a feedback section, a tutorial on how to navigate the website, and a Dual Audio movie list. All of these things help you to understand  about the legitimacy you need before downloading your favorite movies on it.

There are some different parts of the site that show movies. Movies can be in different categories like 18+, 1080p, 300MB, or action movies. You can also find movies that were released before 1968.

Apart from these, it has some formats. These formats are exclusive. These formats are usually used to watch the entertainment of your interest.

It is common in India that the usage of the internet has been growing quickly. Sometimes it happens because people are using too much internet at one place. ExtraMovies can help people have good speed for their internet by limiting how much they are using it.

The 300 MB Dual Audio format is available because it can be used on mobile phones. You will get the option to watch the movie live or watch it later by downloading.

Here is Movie Size Available on this Site:

  • 300MB Movies
  • 400MB Movies
  • 600MB Movies
  • 1GB Movies
  • 2GB Movies
  • 4GB Movies 

Download Bollywood Movies Online Using ExtraMovies

This website has a bunch of movies that you can download. You need to find the movie that you want and then watch it.

If you don’t find your favorite movie, ask the site owner. You can contact him by filling out this form.

This site does not have a database, so you do not need to sign up on this site to download movies. Every movie downloading site is similar.

The reason you see links when you click on the download button is that someone may have deleted or blocked the video for copyright reasons.

Sometimes when you click on a link on that site, you see an error. This only happens if the owner of the site removed that movie and blocked whoever uploaded it.

Is registration needed for downloading movies?

This website is free. You don’t need to register or sign up for anything. The website provides entertainment and you can download and watch your favorite videos without asking for any payment.

Is it safe to download videos/movies from ExtraMovies?

The answer to the question is yes, but it depends on the extent. Yes, there are some ads that are not from AdSense. These ads can show you things that you do not want to see. You need to be more careful about clicking on them because if you click them your computer might get a virus or hackers might come in and take over your account.

Though ExtraMovies is a pirated website, it still has a good rating. You can find lots of movies on this site and even download them. The site provides all kinds of movies that have been released for viewers in the country. All you need to do is know about how to download movies from this site, as there are formats as per the time of release.

If you are looking for a movie that was recently released, it may be available in lower-quality formats like 3gp or MP4. But if you search for movies that were released a long time ago, you will find more variety in formats. You should wait at least one month before searching for movies so you can get the best quality. If you do this, then I think your movie will download with HD audio and 1080p resolution. So if want to watch clear versions of your favorite TV shows and movies, then please be patient!

Alternative options of downloading movies on ExtramMovies

ExtraMovies is an online website where you can search for movies. You can watch them outside or at home. Movies are available in many languages, including Hindi, Hollywood, and others. Using this site is easy because it has a good interface for both smartphones and desktop computers. If you want to download or stream movies on this site in 2020, then you can use ExtraMovies’ alternative. Here you can find movies. You can also download them. You can also watch TV shows.

Some Legal Alternatives

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Max Player
  • Sony LIV
  • Voot
  • AltBalaji
  • Others

In the above links 

In the above links, you need a subscription to watch your favorite movies and shows. But you can use other ways to download movies. For example, 1337X torrents, Movierulz HT, World4ufree, Hindilinkss4u, and so on.

How Extramovies site owner earn money?

The owner of this site makes money from advertisements. That’s why when you open this site, there are tons of ads and they don’t like to look like ads.

When you go to download a page of the movie from this site, make sure that you notice all of the buttons in the same place. Only one button will be for downloading. When you click on any other button (an ad) something might automatically start downloading without your knowledge.

Sometimes dangerous apps will download on your phone. So always be careful.

ExtraMovies latest links

This is a pirated site, so the original copyright holder can take it down. That’s why this site owner has to change the domain again and again.

Here are some new links for the extramovies site. You can try these if you want to access that site.

Why this site are illegal?

A person who owns a website is not allowed to upload movies without permission. It doesn’t matter if it is in text form or in video form. As per law, you are not allowed to download or upload content without permission.

That’s why I prefer my readers to not visit sites like this. They are illegal, and that is bad.

Ads on a site make the owner money. But only certain ads are allowed, not all good ads. That’s why they use bad ads that don’t work right.

Some people have a camera they can record movies at the cinema hall with and then put them on their site. But the games they record, they don’t care about copyright law.


Q 1. What is ExtraMovies?

ExtraMovies is a website where you can watch movies. You can download them or watch them on your phone. It’s easy to use, even when it’s on your desktop

Q 2. How to download movies on ExtraMovies?

For this you should go to extramovies com and choose the movie you want. Next click on the “download now” button. Then your downloading will start.

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