Game of Thrones season 5 Episode 9 download in Hd

Game of Thrones season 5 Episode 9 download in Hd

The Game of Thrones season 5 broadcasted on HBO on April 12, 2015, and ended on June 14, 2015. There are a total of 10 episodes in the fifth season; each episode is of around one hour. The Game of Thrones season 5 Episode 9 download links are available here if you want to download them.

Season 5 Episode 9 download links

Game.of.Thrones season 5 Episode 9

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Season 5 plot

The King’s Landing is considered the host of most of the major events. Several important accidents occur but not as vital as the downfall of Cersei Lannister. She begins to lose control of king Joffery after the wedding of Tommen Baratheon youngest son to the Wicked Margaery Tyrell.

To keep control and hold power in her hands, Cersei introduces a new army that will be more faithful and loyal to her. But everything went on the other side with the return of Lancel Lannister to the city as a member of Sparrows. Sparrows are a group of religiously devoted people who keeps the king’s landing virtueless.

In the mission to clean the city from evils, they arrest Loras Lannister with the acquisition of homosexuality. They also went to arrest Cersei and Margaery for the acts of infidelity. In the courtroom, Cersei confesses her crime of cheating on her late husband King Robert with Lancel. The Sparrow group decides to force her to a walk of shame around the city and allow the public to spit and curse her. This made Cersei mentally and emotionally unstable and the downfall starts from here.

She starts thinking of getting revenge for what has been done to her and getting back the power and control that she lost. Jamie, her brother, and lover returns to the King’s landing to help her out of the situation. She tries to win back her trust and respect in front of her son.

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