Google cloud hosting vs other hosting

So, the important point is to not waste time in the installation of multiple software and programs in order to use a cloud/VPS server, Instead, you can go for Managed WP hosting.

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Google cloud hosting VS the best Cloud hosting companies

It’s okay to not chose Google cloud hosting at the start of your blogging journey but as traffic increases and looking for a fast loading site, continues security then it is very important to move toward google cloud hosting. At the start of blogging, I was a guy who wanted to find a free cloud hosting service provider as I was unable to pay for it.


The Best Linux Hosting Options for You

Those websites that are getting tons of traffic every month choose VPS Cloud VM as a next step to move from shared hosting because of their traffic requirements and tough competition they move toward Cloud Hosting.

But there is a little problem with Cloud hosting. The configuration and maintenance of a cloud server take more time as compare to shared hosting. Where you get everything ready with just a few simple clicks.

What Is Google Cloud Hosting?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of Cloud computing services offered by Google. It offers a number of Cloud services such as data storage, computing, data analytics, and machine learning.


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Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud platform is way better than any other cloud hosting provider out there and it is totally cost-effective.

Google Cloud offers to store data in 24 different locations around the globe. It means you can store your data near your customer’s location.

Now, let’s see some other cloud hosting providers.


Kinsta is one of the best premium hosting platforms that is recommended by Google for small enterprises.

The prices are a little high, it starts from as low as 30$ a month, but if you pay yearly, then you get two months of hosting for free.

Their system manager is LXD which is a next-generation system with ultra-high-speed tech like Nginx, PHP 7, etc.

They have many great features like 24*7 WordPress monitoring, DDoS, malware, excellent support, and free site migration.


The best alternative to Google cloud hosting is SiteGroud officially recommended by Word and Yoast SEO. They have a great customer support team available 24/7. Your issue will get resolve with few minutes.

Some of the site ground features includes

  • Free SSL
  • Daily backups
  • Free CDN
  • Automatic upgrades
  • One-click staging and GIT version control

Above all, they are among the few companies offering location-specific hosting with 6 data centers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


It is not only google cloud hosting that allows you to choose to host your website on DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Linode, and Kyup but Cloudways also provide the same features.

Cloudways offers different file storage locations which you can select during sign-up. Along with this, it provides the following features.

  • Easy backups
  • High storage, CPU, and Memory capacity.
  • Highly managed firewall.
  • SSH and SRTP access to take full control of your server whenever needed.

Also, their client support is very good and 24/7 monitored.



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You will defiantly come across Bluehost when you heard about WordPress hosting as it is one of the largest WordPress hosting companies with 25 years of services in the industry.

The great feature of Bluehost is you don’t need to get worried about the page speed even when having a lot of traffic.

Bluehost is awarded as no 1 web hosting for small businesses. They also offer a very high discount to WordPress beginners which is 63% off with a free domain, free SSL, and a free site builder with templates.

If you are looking for free cloud hosting services I recommend you to not go for it. Because you will be unable to migrate your site to any other provider once your site starts growing. They also have a very low page loading speed.

So if you are planning to invest and grow more then I highly recommend you to go for Google Cloud Hosting.


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