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How to make money with blogging

how to make money with blogging

you want to know how to make money with blogging? If yes, then you are the right place. In my free guide, I will show you an easy step-by-step guide on how to make money blogging. It’s an easy way to make money. whether you have started blogging or want to start blogging, no matter which group you in, but the point is you are not sure how to make a blog for money.

Let’s get started and see how to be a blogger that makes money.

how to make money with blogging

here are 4 easy steps on how to make a blog for money

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Write quality content
  3. Promote your blog
  4. Monetize your blog

Following these simple easy step-by-step guides will make you understand how to make money as a blogger.

Set up your blog

The first and foremost thing that you must do in order to make money with blogging is to set up your blog. If you already have a blog that’s cool you can skip this step either you can improve your blog set up.

How to set up a blog?

Although I have discussed how to set up a blog in detail in my previous post “How to start a blog” in which I shared step-by-step easy guide through which you can set up your blog. It’s easy even if you have no technical skills, you will be able to start a blog after reading it.

Write quality content

In the blogger world, It is said that “content is king” and that is correct. A blog is nothing without quality content.

Once you have set up your blog now you must focus on quality content. Now you may wonder what is quality content?

You may have heard people saying “ I have created quality content and getting tons of social share but still not ranking on Google”. Quality content must have these attributes.

  • Findable
  • Understandable
  • Usable
  • Readable
  • Actionable
  • Shareable

Quality content is which is successful that brings traffic and rank in Google search result. It not necessary that you write content in a professional way people like read conversational articles. Quality content is an important asset of your business it can create a positive experience on your customer and drive them to come back.

Writing quality content is also important for SEO. This basically means that your content is optimized to perform well in search results by putting relevant and high-ranking keywords in content. In short quality content helps you engage more people and drive more traffic to your blog.

Promote your blog
how to promote your blog copy 232x300 - How to make money with blogging

Once you finish creating quality content then it’s time to let your customers know by promoting your blog. In order to make money from a blog you also need to focus on getting the promotion of your blog.

There are many ways through which you can promote your blog here we are not talking about increasing the number of audience but actual readers that can come back to our blog.

How to promote your blog?

there are tons of articles and podcasts on how to promote your blog which will make you confuse here I am going to share some strategies following which drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Guest posting: Guest posting is writing an article and publishing it on someone else blog. This will build a relationship. Authority, exposure, and backlink which is very important for google ranking. With guest blogging, you can attract huge traffic you blog but try to do guest posting only for that blog that is more popular and have tons of traffic and subscribers.
  2. Use Quora: Quora is a Q&A site that bloggers used as a content marketing strategy. People Ask different types of Questions in Quora. You must find relevant questions to your post and answer the question and then put a link to your post which will drive traffic to your blog.

Quora is one of the best sites from where you can attract traffic without spending money and promoting your blog for free. Most of the active writers on Quora get 90.000+ views monthly.

  • Promote with social media: Share each post on your Social media accounts, which include Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Google+ and other social accounts. This can help you in getting traffic on your along with this if your content is good people may share it on their timeline as well so again write quality content.

There are many other ways on internet net-like article 101 Best free Ways to increase traffic.

Monetize your blog

The real part of our article on how to make money with blogging. Yes, there are tons of ways through which you can make money from your blog. You can see the money map which shows all the relevant ways through which you can make money.

How to Make Money Blogging - How to make money with blogging

I know this money map looks confusing but don’t worry I am going to share some of the best-practiced ways through which you can make money with a blog.

  1. Affiliate income: Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you promote other people’s products or services. You will get a commissioned based earning if customers buy a product through your referred link.

Some of the best affiliate programs are Amazon, Bluehost, etc.

  • Google AdSense: once your blog gets a large number of daily visitors on post then you can monetize your blog with Google’s absence and make money.

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