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jazz free facebook

Due to technological advancement, Facebook has become the necessity of every person. There are 2.41 billion Facebook users across the globe. Because of this huge number of active users Facebook has become the biggest social network worldwide.

Jazz free Facebook

Yes, jazz customers can enjoy free Fakebook without consuming your internet data. You can save your internet data while staying online on Facebook.

How to get free Facebook

On your mobile phone simply open the Facebook app and click on “Go to free” at the top of Facebook application. You can always go back to Data version with a single tap, just click on ‘Go to data mode’ and you will be back on data but this will consume your MBs.

What’s the difference between free and data mode?

In free Facebook mode, you can post a textual status, you can chat, you can scroll down through your timeline, you will be able to comment and share a post without using any internet MBs. However, in free mode, you cannot upload videos or picture and you will be unable to see videos and images.

While in data mode you can upload images and videos and see images and videos but this will consume your internet MBs.

Terms and conditions

  • Free Facebook mode only works on android phone, you can’t use free Facebook on desktop.
  • This version allows users to move between free and data mode.
  • You will not be able to see or upload images and videos.
  • You can also change the language if you’re in a state where free mode is offered. To do so click on ‘Settings’ in the given menu in the upper right corner and then click on ‘Change Language’ .
  • Jazz subscribers can also use free Facebook for 30 days if they are new Facebook users.

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