You are currently viewing kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 1 download Urdu
kurulus Osman season 2 download

kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 1 download Urdu

kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 1 download with Urdu subtitles

The story of kurulus Osman season 2 could be very thrilling from the beginning. The worldwide well-known Turkish drama kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 1 download link can be found right here in HD High quality.

The Kurulus Osman is a most considered Turis historic TV collection. This collection options the lifetime of Osman 1, the founding father of the Ottoman Empire. Osman is the son of the good warrior Ertugrul the chief of Kayi Tribe.

It’s the sequel of Dirlis Ertugrul, which options the lifetime of Ertugrul. The exterior and inside threats that he confronted and the way he coped with it.

The TV collection portrays the lifetime of Osman’s struggles and coping methods. That he used in opposition to the Mongols and Byzantium. He was the one who secured a free state from the Sultanate Rum. And establishes a sovereign state that honors the Turks.

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kurulus Osman season 2 download with Urdu subtitles

Historical past of kurulus Osman

In 656 AH, round 1258 AD, contained in the order of Halagu Khan Mongolians assaulted Baghdad. Which was the capital of Abbasid’s Caliphate. Muslims confronted too many hardships. The well-known historian, Ibn-ul-Kaseer has written that they returned to the city and killed all people. They found along with children, youthful, earlier, and aged people.

A lot of them saved their lives by hiding themselves in non-settled wells, forests, and barren lands. They remained disappeared for plenty of time. A lot of gathered of their houses and closed the doorways on themselves. Barbarian’s opened the doorways each by putting them into the hearth or by breaking them after which killed all inside the house. Who survived ran within the path of hills and mountains.

These barbarians killed the parents in such a way that the blood was flowing throughout the streets similar to the rainwater. No person acquired a rescue from them in addition to Jews, Christians, and other people people who acquired their refuge. The Muslim Ummah acquired weakens on account of their sins and disobedience and their power diminished.

The Great Ertugrul 

Ertugrul is a brave soldier of the Kayi tribe. undoubtedly he has a kind heart. In addition, he falls in love with the Daughter of Sultan Halime. Moreover, Halime is a beautiful young girl. Whereas her family was in Jail with the soldiers of the Saleb Empire. When they were taking her to their center place on the way Ertugrul was also passing by for hunting with his close friends Roshan, Babar, and Noor Gul his close companions and brothers. He saw those soldiers beating Halime’s father. As a result, they started fighting with them and took Halime and his family out of danger to his tribe.

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