You are currently viewing Mehak Malik new video songs 2020 (Mehak Malik ke gane)
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Mehak Malik new video songs 2020 (Mehak Malik ke gane)

Mehak Malik new video songs 2020 (Malik ke gane)

Mehak Malik is a Pakistani famous transgender and dancer. She was born on 11 March in the Kot Addu city of Pakistan. Meha Malik is a stage actoress and Tik Toker, she is specialized in Mujra dance.

Hir video songs are watched around the world. There are more than 8 million views on his new video song on YouTube.

Mehak Malik learned dancing from Sheen Jahan, who is a famous transgender and dancer. She has performed in different cities of Pakistan like Multan, Punjab. Additionally, she is a famous TikToker with more than 3 million followers on TikTok.

On Eid occasion, Meha Malik’s producer has been compensated Rs 23 Lakh for an 8-day performance. Unlikely, Which is far more than any artist’s compensation so far.

Mehak Malik new song

Mehak Malik ke gane is famous and loved by her fans. She started performing dancing in marriages and parties. After that, she started dancing on video songs on TikTok.

On a marriage party while she was dancing someone made a video of her dance that went viral on social media. The video got thousands of shares and millions of likes and views.

Since her youth, she was enthusiastic about dancing. Moreover, In her younger age, she would regularly use to dance on the tunes of the mainstream vocalist Noor Jehan.

She began as a dancer in marriages and parties and one day, somebody made a video of one of her dance that went viral via web-based media. Which got likes from numerous individuals, and from that point, she got famous for her move exhibitions.

Bollywood movies and melodies are exceptionally well known in Pakistan. Mehak perform on generally Bollywood songs in her videos like “Dil Dene Ki Rut Aai” and “Kamariya Lachke Re” and “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”

The vast majority of her dance moves resemble the dance moves of Sapna Choudhary. Consequently, her fans started calling her Pakistani Sapna Choudhary.

Likewise, she is an active social media user and regularly posts recordings and photographs of her on her web-based media accounts.

Mehak Malik ke gane

Mujra dance

Mujra dancing is a famous dance structure which has a long and vivid history.

The move consolidates components of the exemplary Indian move Kathak with local music types like thumri and ghazal.

In Lahore’s Heera Mandi, Pakistan’s ancient red light areas, the presentation was a blend among workmanship and fascinating dance.

Entertainers were regularly filling in as prostitutes among Mughal sovereignty or affluent supporters.

It is in Pakistan where the dance has kept on existing and remain mainstream. Mehak Malik is one of them.

Pakistani Mujra culture, which spins around moving performed to famous Pakistani Mujra tunes.

The CD, stage, and film star is another participant in Pakistan’s crude Punjabi theater industry. The business is obviously man-centric – makers, essayists, chiefs, crowd, nearly everybody is male.

Mehak’s moves are important for parody theater plays. The droll satire plays have charged routine exhibitions crushed in quarter stretches.

Mujra rose as a dance structure to engage the Mughal sovereignty in pre-frontier India. Mujra young ladies (mistresses or nach-young ladies) held riches, influence and typified Farsi and Urdu writing, verse, and social implicit rules.

Their social capacity made them a significant resource of the Mughal administering first class whom the British were attempting to topple and uproot.

Mujra, the begining

Beginning from the mid-1800s the British pioneer power began endeavors to present their very long term harsh, exploitative, and supremacist realm in the subcontinent.

Following the mid to the late nineteenth century, the British pursued missions to lessen mujra young ladies’ impact in administering power.

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Mehak Malik is an inspiration from the transgender community. In spite of being transgender, She never loses hope and performs passionately in her shows. she has five brothers and one sister.

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