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Money heist season 5 Episode 1

Money heist season 5 Episode 1 download and watch

Money heist season 5 Episode 1 download and watch Online

The money heist fans are waiting with bated breath for the release of Money Heist Season 5 Episode 1. The biggest question that has been bothering them is if they will see their favourite character, Professor’s death or not?

We all know the show Money Heist is the best show on Netflix. The fifth season of this amazing show has finally arrived and it’s time to binge-watch! This blog post will give you an in-depth look at what to expect when you watch this new season. If you’re not ready for spoilers, turn back now! In the first episode of Season 5, there are a lot of changes that happen. One major change is that Anna wears her hair short for some scenes, which makes many fans think she’s been kidnapped or killed by Lalo. It turns out she was just under house arrest and had a false beard glued onto her face because she was trying to escape from prison.

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Another big plot twist in Season 5 is that the character “the Ghost” dies at the beginning of episode 2. He was shot twice in one scene and died after saying “I’m sorry.” His real identity is still unknown but it seems like he might be friends with Raquel or Markos.

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Money heist season 5 Episode 1 releasing on September 3rd.

Another big change is that the criminals are after masks, not paintings. Also, it seems like Rafa is trying to help them steal $5 million instead of $50 billion. He also has a lot less screen time than in Seasons 1-4 because he has assumed another identity and lives in a different country. In the end, however, he is captured by Arturo’s minions and Arturo walks away with all of the money without even getting out of his car! This leads us to ask ourselves if Rafa purposely helped them steal $5 million just so they could escape while he walked away with it all.

The Ghost Arturo’s betrayal is also something that happens in the second episode. He has betrayed everyone and they all try to kill him, but they end up accidentally killing the porter instead. Goerge accompanies La Tuta to an apartment. Where he gets attacked by a masked criminal and we find out later on in the season that it was Rafa who killed him and took his identity!. They even say “Raquel” at one point in this scene. Which is exactly like in Money Heist when they said “Markos.” Finally, once their plan to steal $5 million fails. Geraldine shoots herself with Cruz’s gun because she feels like her debt with Arturo is forgiven now that she saved Raquel from being murdered.

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