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shajar e mamnu

Shajar e Mamnu | Forbidden Fruit – All episodes in HD

shajar e Mamnu | Forbidden Fruit All episodes in HD quality- Turkish drama

The popularity of Turkish dramas in Pakistan is increasing because of their beautiful scripts, cast, and amazing dialogues. Shajar e Mamnu is one of the most-watched Turkish Urdu dubbed dramas in Pakistan since it started broadcasting on Urdu1.

Shajar e Mamnu is a romantic Turkish drama with some wonderful twists in the story. Let’s begin to know more about shajar e Mamnu.

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Shajar e Mamnu cast

  • Eda Ece (Yildiz Argun)
  • Safak Pakdemir (Zahra Argun)
  • Sevda Erginci (Zainab)
  • Serkan Rutkay Ayikoz (Emir Yuksel)
  • Sevval Sam (Ender Argun)
  • Talat Bulut (Halit Argun)
  • Oner Tuna (Alihan Tasdemir)
  • Vildan Vatansever (Aysel)
  • Nilgun Turksever (Zerrin Tasdemir)
  • Baris Aytac (Janer)
  • Berk Oktay (Cagatay)
  • Ilber Uger (Erim)
  • Nesrin Cavadzade (Sahika Ekinci)
  • Ayesha Gul Cinar (Lila Argun)
  • Can Nergis (Mert)

Turkish drama Shajar e Mamnu story

shajar e mammu image - Shajar e Mamnu | Forbidden Fruit - All episodes in HD

The story of romantic turkish urdu dubbed drama shajar e Mamnu feature the life of two sisters, Yildiz (Eda Ece) and Zainab (sevda Erginci). Yildiz has a job in a company where she meets Ender Argun (sevval Sam) her husband name is Halit Argun (talat Bulut). Ender Argun does not want to spend time with her huband anymore. She wants to get rid of him. Thus she plans to use Yildiz to trap her own husband.

Yildiz accepted the offer to help her coleage but this plan greatly affect not only her life but her sister life as well.

Zainab meet Alihan Tasdemir in his company. He is an arrogant and rich man. At that time she does’t know about his family but when she came to know she was in great shock.

Turkish Name

The real Turkish name of the drama “shajar e Mamnu” is “Yasak Elma”. While the English name is “Forbidden Fruit”.

shajar e mammu pic - Shajar e Mamnu | Forbidden Fruit - All episodes in HD


The romantic Turkish drama shajar e Mamnu is written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Soyata.


The drama is directed by Neslihan Yesilyurt


Produced by Fatih Aksoy.

Shajar e Mamnu Plot

Ender Argun is an prominent lady in the high class Turkish society, for being the wife of the rich halit argun. Yildiz Yilmaz on the other hand is an normal but motivated girl with a wish to be wealthy and well-off. Her desire comes factual when Ender approaches her with a plan in her mind for her own benefits. Changing her and her sincer sister Zeynep’s life.

Broadcast schedule

Season no.Screening day and timeSeason startSeason finaleNumber of episodes airedDivision rangeTV seasonTV channel
1. SeasonMonday 20.0019 March 20184 June 2018121-122018Fox
2. SeasonMonday 20.0010 September 201827 May 20193513-472018-2019Fox
3. SeasonMonday 20.009 September 201923 March 20202748-742019-2020Fox
4. SeasonMonday 20.007 September 2020TBD3075-2020-2021Fox

Composers           Cem Tuncer, Ercüment Orkut, Efecan Tuncer

Country of origin  Turkey

Original language               Turkish

No. of seasons     4

No. of episodes   100+

Producer               Hu Aksoy

Production location             Istanbul

Running time        130 minutes

Production company          Med Yapım

Original network              Fox

Picture format      1080i HDTV   576i 16:9 SDTV

Audio format        Stereo

Original release   March 19, 2018 –present

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Did you enjoyed watching turkish drama Shajar e mamnu (Forbidden Fruit) in Urdu dubbing.

shajar e mamnu - Shajar e Mamnu | Forbidden Fruit - All episodes in HD
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