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best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed

Turkish dramas in Urdu

After the Pakistani dramas, Turkish dramas in Urdu are the only dramas that got a lot of admiration in Pakistan. Watching Pakistani dramas on repeat and finishing whole drama series overnight, sometimes, there is a lag and every single drama starts feeling, looking and sounding like all the others. But thanks to Geo TV that brought these best Turkish dramas in Urdu in Pakistan and allow us to experience something else, something that does not follow a similar theme, culture, and location.

A lot of Turkish dramas in Urdu aired on Pakistani TV channels and earned fame in Pakistan because of their quality, storylines, beautiful locations, charming culture, handsome heroes and glamorous girls. All these features give the Turkish dramas supremacy on the Pakistani drama series.

Let’s have a look at all the best Turkish dramas in Urdu that set a record in the Pakistani drama industry.

Best Turkish dramas list in Urdu

  1. Ishq-e-Mamnoon
  2. Payaar lafzon main kahan
  3. Fatima gul
  4. Mera sultan
  5. Intikaam
  6. Kala Paisa Pyaar
  7. Elif
  8. Manahail aur khalil
  9. 20 Minute
  10. Feriha

Ishq-e-Mamnoon | best Turkish dramas in Urdu

The story revolves around forbidden love and relationship. In the story, a much older man falls In love with a young girl whose mother fancies the older man.

Ishq-e-Mamnoon is broadcasted on Urdu 1 channel in Pakistan and broadcast initially on Kanal D a Turkish TV in 2008 and 2010.

Ishq e Mamnoon Turkish Drama cast picture95772396 201212301430 urduwire compressed 300x225 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed
ishq e momnoon

Best Pakistani Drama OST 2019

Payaar lafzon main kahan

A Turkish Romantic drama in Urdu broadcast on Show TV and on YouTube in Urdu dubbed.  The romantic story revolves around a workplace in a multinational fashion company.

Pyaar20Lafzon20Mein20Kahan20 20Lovely20Couple20Murat20Hayat 90 1507210544 300x300 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed

Fatima Gul

In the story, you will find how people in power manipulate and abuse people and how their power affects the lives of other people. Fatima Gul is a heartbreaking tale that will make you cry.

11192592 921650487887086 1860260817 n imgrum org 300x300 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed
Fatima gul

Mera sultan

The story is based on the life of the Ottoman Sultan and his spouse who was once a slave girl and became a Sultana.

mera sultan 300x210 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed
mera sultan


Intikam is a beautiful Turkish drama in Urdu. The story revolves around a strong girl, who seeks to take revenge on everyone who had made her father wrong and to release her father from prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

backdrop 1920 copy compressed 300x169 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed

Kala Paisa Payaar

The thrilling story revolves around finding the murder of a policemen story whose father was shot down by someone.

Kaala Paisa Pyar 2 compressed - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed
kala paisa payaar


The heartbreaking story of a 6-year-old girl, who is in danger of being sold to pay the debt of her stepfather and her mother leaves her alone.

elif yeni poster compressed 1 300x199 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed

Manahil aur Khalil

 A story relatable in which it is shown how this cruel word not letting lovers to get together and make love. The story of two people who fight long to keep their love alive.

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Manahil aur Khalil

20 Minute

A family story in which a mother was penalized for 20 years of prison. The family head tries a lot to clear the name of her wife and get her free.

MV5BMTQxNjY0Mjk4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDA0OTgxOQ@@ compressed 212x300 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed
20 minutes


A young girl who falls in love with a rich man in such a culture where status is everything. An emotional thrilling drama in which a girl dies for her love.

1 compressed 300x300 - best Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbed

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